Indiscriminate usage of chemicals in agriculture has deteriorated soil and environmental health. Due to the adverse effects of chemicals, beneficial micro flora affected in the soil resulting into poor soil fertility. Feeding residue free food for growing population has become a great challenge. The impact of residue is well known on both people & soils. BABA BIOTECH INTERNATIONAL LIMITED is a sister-concerned company of BABA DRILLING and EXPLORATION COMPANY LIMITED ( based at Lusaka. Providing the highest and most innovative standard services possible within the budget and time-frame to the Zambian agriculture. Serving in Zambia since last 2 decades by using state of the art equipment, technology and sourcing the best personnel available. BABA BIOTECH is working with a vision to be the world’s most dynamic Biotech conglomerate, creating Eco-friendly Solutions through a Biosphere of products and services, assuring sustainability in Agriculture and Safety to health and environment. BABA BIOTECH INTERNATIONAL LIMITED is founded by agri-technocrats.