Collaboration and Cooperation

In recent years, we have been working on topics of rural development and farming. We met with farmers, government officials, development organizations and company representatives. This included countries of India, Zambia and Kenya to name a few. We attended conferences and went into the rural areas talking to farmers.

We realized for almost every problem at least one solution already exists. These solutions can be very low tech or known for decades. The main challenge is to get the information to farmers in an accessible manner. Additionally, the question of how to build a business case and finance investments comes in.

The platform has documented several hundred apps from around the globe in the agricultural sector. It shows the high potential for digital solutions, from a technical point of view. They mostly lack sustainable business models though.

For us it is clear, we do not need to reinvent these existing technologies. Some teams have been working for years on their services. They have built fantastic solutions. We want them to remain experts in their field. Our role will be to ensure the farmers find the solutions and understand them.

If you are interested to work with us, please contact us via our contact form.