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What is GAIPA?

GAIPA is a global farmer empowerment community equipping farmers to create self-determined and sustainable livelihoods.

We have realized that small-scale farmers around the world face challenges in sustaining a livelihood, especially in developing countries. Despite solutions and knowledge being available. We want to make it accessible and use the growing internet penetration for that.

Our Objectives

  • to empower small-scale farmers exploiting existing market opportunities.
  • to provide small-scale farmers access to relevant information.
  • to improve the livelihoods of small-scale farmers and their families.
  • to increase negotiating powers of farmers.

GAIPA Solution

GAIPA is going to be a one-stop online community assisting especially small-scale farmers in developing countries. The community will be tailored to the farming needs and digital experience of farmers. We will create different user interfaces, catering for the various levels of experience. This will reduce barriers in using this online service. At the same time experienced users, especially intermediaries from supporting institutions such as government extension officers, NGOs or corporates will find useful support.

We apply a user-centred approach working closely with farmers and intermediaries right from the start. For developing the prototype we conduct user interviews and enhance the solution with every interview, making it easy to use. Additionally, we learn how farmers prefer information being presented to them.

In the long run GAIPA will be a full-fledged community with users being able to interact and forming interest groups. For the prototype, we are focusing on the provision of information and access to already available service providers.

GAIPA will scale-up existing services, not re-inventing the wheel.


Information Platform

  • Agriculture Technologies
  • Farming Methods
  • Explaining of Market Mechanisms


Agriculture Apps

  • Market Access Solutions
  • Weather Services
  • Farm Management Solutions
  • Plant Disease Identification



  • Connecting local transporters
  • Access to long-distance transport


Supporting Services

  • Mobile Money Solutions
  • Business Development Services


Regional Dealerships

  • Connecting local agro-dealer
  • Connecting shops



  • Moderated Farmer Exchange
  • Farmer Sourcing Communities
  • Aggregated Selling